Fulbright Student Samy Metwally Attends Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America

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An Egyptian Fulbright Student has attended the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America in Montreal. He is Mr. Samy Metwally, an editor at IslamOnline.Net who is pursuing a master’s degree in Islamic studies at the Hartford Seminary. While at the Assembly Mr. Samy emphasized the need in North America for Imams better qualified in Shari`ah law, and particularly for scholars capable of providing fatwa appropriate to Muslim life in North America. Muslims in the U.S., he said, should  be encouraged to “accept diversity, respecting others and integrating into society….” They should be “good examples for American citizens and … should respect the common values of diversity, peaceful coexistence, and positive political participation, and to play their expected roles in the welfare and prosperity of the country.” Mr Samy is studying at the Hartford Seminary under auspices of the Commission’s Fulbright Egyptian Student Program.

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