Fulbright Egyptian Scholar Program


Program Description

This program provides opportunities for Egyptian post-doctoral faculty members to conduct research at American institutions and for arts management professionals to pursue academic-structured programs to enhance their managerial and administration capabilities.

Grant Types

  • Research Grants:  For scholars in the humanities, sciences, or social sciences to conduct research at American institutions.
  • Arts Management Grants:  Professionals in arts management and administration to pursue academic-structured programs to enhance their arts managerial capabilities

Eligibility Criteria

  • Egyptian citizenship; holders of U.S. green cards and/or passports are ineligible
  • Academic staff of an Egyptian university or research institute/center
  • Professional staff in the field of Arts Management, holding managerial or administrative position in a museum, library, arts or cultural center/institute, or working/initiating an Arts Management project.
  • Ph.D. for research grants.
  • B.A. or B.Sc. and/or MFA for Arts Management grants.
  • Excellent command of English.

Opens April 2018

Information Sessions

No Events Scheduled.

Contact Information

For more info Emailscholar@bfce.eun.eg Tel: (202) 33359717 / 33365300 / 33357978 ext. 136
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