U.S. Fulbright Scholar Inaugurates American Studies Circle

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On February 28 the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt inaugurated its “American Studies Circle,” an organization of Fulbright alumni and other American studies specialists in the region. The Circle’s organizers included the Commission’s Senior Program Specialist for Alumni Affairs Ms. Safaa Abbadi, and Fulbright alumna Dr. Mounira Soliman. The inaugural meeting featured a lecture on “African Women: Standing for Justice” by an American Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Vanessa Allen-Brown. The screening of a documentary film on the “Legacy of Rosa Parks” followed. An associate professor at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Allen-Brown is currently lecturing at 6th of October University. Dr. Soliman, an assistant professor of English at Cairo University, was a 2004-2005 Egyptian Fulbright Scholar at New York University. The American Studies Circle promises to serve as a forum for exchange among the Commission’s American studies alumni.

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