American Fulbrighters Visit Wadi Hitan

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On February 26 American Fulbrighters and their families visited the Al Fayoum protectorate of Wadi Hitan (Valley of the Whales), located 100 kilometers southwest of Cairo. The program was sponsored by the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt’s Culture and Education Program, and was assisted by Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Consultant to the Minister of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs. Members of the Commission’s staff joined in the expedition. In 2005 the World Heritage Committee declared Wadi Hitan a Natural World Heritage site. The Culture and Education Program helps American grantees to see Egypt and to meet each other. “Thank you for planning the Fulbright trip,” one grantee said.

“It was a most amazing experience … that I would not have undertaken on my own.” Another Fulbrighter noted that the “outing was full and rich in many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity to see this most amazing part of Egypt and for the opportunity to begin to build new friendships with other Fulbright scholars, students, and their families.

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