Commission’s Alumni Circles Conduct an Evening, “Nubians: Future Challenges and Hopes”

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On  September 21, three of the Commission’s  alumni circles (Humanities Circle, Science Circle and Artists Circle) in cooperation with the Cultural Development Fund of  the Ministry of Culture, conducted  an evening on “Nubians:  Future Challenges and Hopes.”  More than 150 alumni and guests joined the Fulbright alumni initiative to address challenging topics and share their knowledge with the community to help resolve them. Alumni, academics and a public audience from all over Egypt enjoyed the evening at the Ministry’s well known Cultural venue, Amir Taz Palace (Mamluk Palace, built in 1352). The evening began with an artistic exhibition of two Nubian artists: Ms. Shayma’a Kamel and Ms. Mervat el Shazly inaugurated by Ms. Elizabeth Khalifa, Executive Director, Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt and Mr. Gamal Mostafa, Director, Amir Taz Cultural Center.

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