Senior Economist Attends Study of the U.S. Institute in South Carolina

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Ms. Taghreed Mohamed Atef Abdel Halim El Ghandour, a Senior Economist at the Ministry of International Cooperation and a member of the Project Management Unit, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Helwan University has returned from a Study of the United States Institute on U.S. Foreign Policy. The Institute was conducted by Dr. Donald Puchala at the Walker Institute of International Studies, University of South Carolina, and focused on continuity and change in U.S. foreign policy. A study tour of Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC, complimented the academic program, exposing Ms. Taghreed and her fellow students to the cultural and geographic diversity of the American states..

In 2007, rigorous, six-week institutes will be convened in American civilization, American politics and political thought, contemporary American literature, U.S. foreign policy, journalism and media, and religious pluralism in the U.S. Each institute provides an opportunity for mid-career faculty and professionals from Egypt and other countries to get a deeper understanding of American society, culture, history, politics, economy, institutions, and religion, and to enhance teachings on these subjects at universities worldwide.

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