American Studies Circle Hosts an Evening on American Law

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On May 26 Fulbright Egypt’s American Studies Circle gathered at the Villa for an evening on American Law. The second in a series of “Themes in American Studies” evenings, the program featured presentations by two American scholars from the University of Houston – Clear Lake: Dr. Everette B. Penn, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Fulbright alumnus (Cairo University 2004-2005), and Dr. Mike McMullen, Associate Professor of Sociology and Cross Cultural Studies. They addressed “American Criminal Justice; Understanding Change and Conflict Resolution.” Egyptian faculty members, grantees and alumni provided an Egyptian response to the topic in a lively, informative and cross-cultural discussion that followed.

The gathering was planned by Fulbright alumna Dr. Areeg Ibrahim (Yale University 2005-2006) of Helwan University. Through activities like this, the Commission shares the expertise of its alumni with other members of Egypt’s academic community.

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