Albany (NY) Times Union Highlights Egyptian Fulbright Scholar

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The Times Union, an Albany-based daily newspaper, has published an article highlighting the work of Dr. Hadeer Abou El Nagah. A 2006-2007 Egyptian Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Hadeer is teaching at the State University of New York – Cobleskill, where she is working on “Self-identification in Arab-American Women poetry.” Dr. Hadeer is a lecturer in the Faculty of Mass Communication and Al Alsun at Misr International University. The Times Union story, which is available at, explains how Dr. Hadeer, a translator of “books and magazine articles from Arabic to English and back,” is now working as “a different sort of translator…. She translates Muslim culture.” “‘My intention is not to eradicate the misconceptions about Islam,’ the Times Union quotes Dr. Hadeer. ‘It’s more of developing bridges of understanding between the two peoples and cultures….I feel that Fulbright scholars should not be just professors. They should play a more crucial role in developing mutual understanding between the culture that they came from and the culture they were sent to….If I am here just as a professor of English literature, many people could do this job.”

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