Fulbrighter Publishes Article On Eliyahu Ha-Nabi Synagogue

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An American Fulbright Student, Mr. Eric Trager, has published an article on Alexandria’s Eliyahu Ha-Nabi Synagogue in the December 8 issue of Forward: the Jewish Daily. The article, “In Egypt, a Once-venerable Community Is Now a People Let Go,” is based on Mr. Trager’s recent Rosh Hashanah visit to Alexandria. It describes the 500-year-old synagogue and the dwindling community that it serves, and is available online at http://www.forward.com/articles/on-the-nile-delta-a-once-venerable-community-is-n/. A graduate of Harvard University, Mr. Trager is pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies at the American University in Cairo.

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