American Fulbrighters Visit the Sinai

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In mid-April, American Fulbrighters made a three-day excursion into the Sinai. From Al Karm Mountain Ecolodge, the Fulbrighters visited the St. Catherine Protectorate, St. Katherine Monastery, Moses’ Burning Bush, the Tomb of Prophet Aaron, and Moses Mountain. The trip was sponsored by the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt’s Culture and Education Program, and was facilitated by Dr. Mohamed Kotb, a geologist who manages the Protectorate, and Mr. Haitham Saad, a Protectorate researcher who guided the Fulbrighters through a handicrafts project managed by Bedouin women and the Middle East’s most famous green houses for the production of medical herbs. “Thank you for organizing this trip,” said one grantee. Al Karm “has a lot to offer and we plan to extend stay,” said another. These trips “give us the opportunity to sit back and reflect. … and learn more about one another.”

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