MORGAN SMITH, Intelligence Analyst, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, New York, U.S.A.


AY 2010-2011 English Teaching Assistant, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

The year I spent living in Alexandria in 2010-2011 provided me irreplaceable opportunities to explore Arab and Islamic culture, in a deeply personal way unmatched by anything I had previously experienced. I developed lasting friendships not only with the other Fulbright teachers, but also with my Egyptian students, colleagues and basketball teammates at Smouha Club. From countless conversations while wandering the souks, strolling along the Corniche, or just basking in the Mediterranean sun and sea breeze in front of the Alexandrian library, I gained intimate insight into the aspirations, as well as frustrations, of my Egyptian peers. Looking back, my first journey to Egypt captured my intellect, as well as my heart. Thus looking ahead, my goals still include returning to the Middle East and Egypt, specifically, in a professional capacity.

Morgan Smith in Luxor, Egypt, in April 2011

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