Commission’s Science Circle Annual Entrepreneurship Competition

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On Thursday, December 10, 2015,  the Science Circle of the Commission in cooperation with the National Research Center in Egypt, held its annual competition for entrepreneurs titled:  Annual Entrepreneurship Competition in Science and Engineering. The competition aims to overcome barriers to entry for young scientists in EGYPT, hindering the application of innovative research ideas and transforming them into pertinent technologies. The endeavor is designed to let these young minds experience the processes of design, synthesis, strategy, packaging, and presentation.

Approximately, 110 guests from academia, research institutes and high schools in STEM fields joined the competition.  Seven selected teams out of the twenty teams that applied for the competition gave their presentations in the different fields of science and engineering.   The key note speech that addressed the components of a successful enterprise was given by Dr. Wael Kortam, Professor of Marketing and Head of Department of Business Administration Department, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University. The Commission is thankful for the efforts of Dr. Mohamed Hashem, Vice President for Research, National Research Center for facilitating the hosting of such an important event.  Gratitude is due to all alumni  representatives for recruiting and mentoring teams at 11 universities and research institutes all over Egypt.

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