Commission’s Science Circle Conducts a Seminar about “Traffic Challenges in Egyptian Cities”

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The Commission’s Science Circle conducted its seminars on “Traffic Challenges in Egyptian Cities: Toward a Sustainable Traffic System” co-hosted by the Automobile and Tourism Club of Cairo.   The seminar continued the Science Circle’s initiative that begun in July 2011 at the City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications in addressing the most challenging scientific issues of Egypt.  Dr. Khaled Abbas (University of Texas-Austin 1994-1995), Professor of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering, Founder and Chairman, Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering House, Ex-Dean Egypt National Institute of Transport and Ex-Chairman River Transport Authority gave the keynote speech titled: “Traffic in Egyptian Cities:  Problems – Reasons and Strategic Solutions — Education in the Core” that included a detailed overview of the problem and possible solutions.  In the experts session, Fulbright alumnus, Dr. Abbas spoke again about “Education and Importance of Multidisciplinary Approach to Resolve Traffic Problems”; Fulbright alumnus, Dr.  Ali El Faramawy, Professor of Architectural Design, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University spoke about the “600 Billion Regeneration Project:  Urban Regeneration on Railway Land”

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