Humanities Circle Conducts Seminar, “Religious Studies in Egypt: Present Challenges and Future Hopes”

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On November 6, the Commission’s Alumni Humanities Circle conducted a seminar on: Religious Studies in Egypt: Present Challenges and Future Hopes. Both speakers of the seminar, Dr. Ibrahim El Hudhud, Vice President, Al Azhar University and Dr. Luka Basilious, Vice Dean, Care and Education Institute, addressed the academic study of religion in Egypt as manifested in its theories and teaching approaches. They also considered how these theories and approaches relate to the political and cultural strategies following the enhanced presence of religion in the Egyptian community scene post January 25 revolution and its role in affecting the society’s identity and culture.

Several distinguished alumni contributed to the organization of the seminar hosted at the Villa, including, Dr. Osama Madani (Study of U.S. Institute 2001), the Circle’s Leader, Dr. Mayy el Hayyawi (Stanford University  2010-2011) and Dr. Shaza Gamal (Randolph Malon College 2012-2013). Through activities of the Commission’s Alumni Office, the Commission enhances its educational and cultural role in the academic community.

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