American Fulbrighters Visit Saqqara, Dahshour, Memphis

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On February 8, American Fulbrighters toured Saqqara, Dahshour and Memphis.  The tour was sponsored by the Commission’s Culture and Education Program and was led by Dr. Chahinda Karim, a professor of Islamic art and architecture at the American University in Cairo. Highlights of the tour included visits to the Tomb of Mereruka, the Pyramid of Teti, the layout of the Pyramid of Zoser, the Red Pyramid in Dahshour and the city of Memphis. One Fulbrighter noted:  “Great trip! Very interesting and knowledgeable guide! Everyone living in Cairo should see these sites.”

Another commented: “I appreciate the opportunity to learn about Egyptian history and see some of the less common ancient sites.” A third one added: “Very informative. I would not have learned as much on my own”. Through its Culture and Education Program, the Commission helps its American grantees to get to know more about Egypt and its culture.

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