Science Circle Discusses “Nile Basin: Status and Future Challenges”

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On March 26 the Commission’s Science Circle collaborated with Cairo University’s Center for Environment Hazard Mitigation to host a lecture on “The Nile Basin: Status and Future Challenges” by Fulbright alumnus Dr. Hany Hamroush (University of Virginia 1990-1991). Dr. Hany is Director of archaeological geochemistry at the American University in Cairo and a science advisor at the American Embassy. Following a lively discussion of economic and environmental challenges facing the Nile Basin, the Center’s Director, Fulbright alumnus Dr. Hani  Moubasher (University of California – Davis 2001-2002) and current leader of the Circle, briefed Circle members on the activities of the Center. Through activities like this, the Commission shares the expertise of its alumni with other members of Egypt’s academic community.

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