Egyptian Students Attend Orientation Program

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In late July the Commission conducted a pre-departure orientation for Egyptian graduate students selected to participate in AY2008-2009 exchanges. The orientation included a presentation on “American Education, Culture and Society,” as well as information on U.S. visas and grant details. American Fulbright student Matthew Axelrod (Cairo University 2007-2008), and Fulbright alumni Yasmine Moataz (CUNY 2005-2006) and Hazem Shebl (San Jose State University 2006-2007) shared their experiences with the new students. On day two U.S. Ambassador Margaret Scobey welcomed 24 students and 12 scholars to the Embassy. In her remarks the Ambassador noted: “I think your American colleagues will reach out to you…. You have so much to teach them.

You come from a country of enormous antiquity and cultural depth, from the heart of the Middle East, the top of the continent of Africa, on the shores of the Mediterranean…. Egypt really has it all, and people will be fascinated by what you have to tell them.” Ambassador Scobey encouraged the Fulbrighters “share … stories of your life, your families, and where you come from.” The Egyptian Student Program provides opportunities for recent university graduates, master’s and doctoral degree candidates, and young professionals and artists to study in the United States. Nearly 30 students will participate in the program in 2008-2009.

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