American Fulbrighters Visit to SEKEM

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In late February American Fulbrighters and their families enjoyed a visit to SEKEM, 60 kilometers northeast of Cairo. Established in 1977 by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, SEKEM pursues “sustainable development … through institutions in economics, organic agriculture, research and development, education and health care…. SEKEM’s companies support social and cultural enterprises like institutions of education, research centres, and hospitals.” SEKEM produces an extensive variety of high quality consumer products such as natural pharmaceuticals, organic food, and textiles. The products are made from ingredients from “biodynamic farming.” See:

Dr. Abouleish has received the Right Livelihood Award for “establishing a business model for the 21st century in which commercial success is integrated with and promotes the social and cultural development of society through economics of love.” Responding to SEKEM one Fulbrighter said “I … have seen something very important that has given me a new perspective on Egypt and the future of development.” Said another Fulbrighter: “since I study political economy, it was very interesting for me to visit an Egyptian business, and to ask myself (1) how a company like SEKEM has been so successful; and (2) whether SEKEM’s model could be adopted more widely throughout Egypt.”

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