Middlebury Professor Speaks To American Studies Circle

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On April 4 Fulbright Egypt’s American Studies Circle gathered to hear Jay Parini, a Middlebury College professor of English, talk on “American Literature and the Sense of Place.” The Circle is an organization of Fulbright alumni and other American studies specialists in the region. Its organizers include the Commission’s Senior Program Specialist for Alumni Affairs Ms. Safaa Abbadi, and Fulbright alumna Dr. Mounira Soliman (New York University, AY2003-2004), who teaches English at Cairo University. A biographer, novelist, and poet, Dr. Parini is the author of One Matchless Time: a life of William Faulkner, John Steinbeck: a biography, and Robert Frost: a life. He is also the recipient of the George Washington Kidd Award for Fiction, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the MacNight Black Poetry Award. The American Studies Circle serves as a forum for exchange among the Commission’s American studies alumni.

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