Abdalgaber Mohamed, All the way from Syacruse University


All the way from Syacruse University, Abdalgaber Mohamed, currently enrolled in the Islamic Studies Program, shares with us the story of his first day in Syacruse:

“The weather in Syracuse is so cold; I was surprised to see snow which I’d never seen before in Egypt. The people at Syracuse University are so helpful and cooperative. They help us as international students in any issue. An amazing story happened to me on the first day. 🙂

I had booked only the contract of my apartment from Egypt without signing my contract which meant that I was not able to enter the apartment on my first night in America. So, I had to find a place to stay in during my first night in Syracuse. 🙂

Without and before asking for help, a kind professor sent a message to me tell me that I could stay this night in their house until I finished my contract with the lease. The professor also waited with me in the airport and gave me a jacket and gloves until I bought my own things. I was surprised by this behavior and also the generosity in the way of dealing with me even before knowing me.

The professor’s course is really useful to many international students from different cultures and backgrounds. I greatly admire the efficiency of teaching at Syracuse University. :)”


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