Commission, Cairo University Host Dialogue

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The Commission’s Cultural and Educational Program has collaborated with Cairo University’s Center for Civilization Studies and Dialogue of Cultures to convene an Egyptian American-Dialogue. U.S. Fulbrighters joined graduate and undergraduate students from the university to discuss five topics: the role of Egyptian youth in the January 25 revolution and their importance in shaping Egypt’s future, the 2012 Egyptian presidential elections, bridging Egyptian-American cultural divides, the development of political systems in the U.S. and Egypt, and social and cultural transformations in Egypt and the U.S. A general dialogue followed, moderated by Fulbright alumna Dr. Riham Bahi, (Northeastern University AY2001-2002), an associate professor of political science at Cairo University. “… great perspective on topics that I had not considered before” said one Fulbrighter. “I hope that the dialogue will continue [because] is extremely valuable.” The Commission’s Cultural and Educational Program sponsors site visits, seminars and other activities to help its American grantees understand Egypt and its culture.

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