Fulbrighters “Walk Back in Time to Discover Islamic Cairo”

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Late last month American Fulbrighters and their families enjoyed “A Walk Back in Time to Discover Islamic Cairo”. The event was a walking tour of Islamic Cairo guided by renowned Islamic art and architecture scholar Dr. Tarek Swelim. In this series of on-site seminars the Fulbrighters visited the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, Bayt Al-Suhaymi, and sites along the famous al-Muizz li-Deen Illah Street. “Dr. Tarek Swelim was perfect,” said one Fulbrighter. “… well-informed, fun to move around with, professional and enthusiastic…. Dr. Tarek helped us to see what we perhaps couldn’t have seen otherwise.”

Another Fulbrighter noted that she “was able to learn a lot about the history of Islamic Cairo” and recommended that the tour “be organized for future Fulbrighters.” The excursion concluded with a Citadel-view luncheon in Al Ahzar Park. The event was organized by the Commission’s Culture and Education Program, which helps American grantees to see Egypt and to meet each other to build new friendships with other Fulbright scholars, students, and their families.

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