Fulbright Alumna Co-Authors Multi Drug Resistance

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Research by Fulbright alumna Noha Gamal Khalaf has appeared in Multi Drug Resistance:  A Global Concern, published by Bentham Books.  Dr. Noha collaborated with her Fulbright affiliate, Dr. Nancy D. Hanson, of the Creighton University School of Medicine to contribute findings on the scope of bacterial resistance to antibiotics in the Middle East and North Africa.  According to its editors, Multi Drug Resistance wishes “to understand the different molecular mechanisms responsible for developing resistance against … antibiotics” and to examine “several approaches to control the spread of multi-drug resistance organisms….”  Dr. Noha is a lecturer in the pharmacy faculty and the Modern Science and Arts University in Cairo.  In AY2006-2007 she was an Egyptian Fulbright Scholar at Creighton University.  The Commission is proud to note this alumni contribution and extends warm congratulations to Dr. Noha and her co-author.

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