U.S. Fulbright Scholar Conducts Research at The Arab League

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A historian from the United States has begun conducting research at the Arab League. She is Dr. Kimberly Katz, an assistant professor at Towson University. Dr. Katz was educated at Emory University (B.A. 1990) and New York University (M.A., 1994), and earned her Ph.D. degree in History and Middle Eastern Studies at New York University in 2001. Dr. Katz is in Egypt as a U.S. Fulbright Regional Scholar under the auspices of the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt. She is conducting multi-country research on “Restoring Qayrawan: Tunisian and Arab League efforts to preserve Arab Urban Patrimony” in Egypt and Tunisia. During her stay in Egypt she will be working with the Arab League. A warm welcome to Dr. Katz.

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