A Panel Discussion on The Art Economy in Egypt: Challenges, Needs and Opportunities

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On Sunday, January 10, the Commission in cooperation with Gezira Art Center hosted a panel discussion titled:  “The Art Economy in Egypt:  Challenges, Needs and Opportunities.” Over 100 guests mostly members of the  Art community in Egypt and Fulbright alumni joined the discussion. This panel discussion event was triggered by the exhibition of visiting American alumna and Visual Artist, Mariam Stephen, MFA, Associate Professor, Painting, Director of Graduate Studies, Art, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Based on her Fulbright experience in 2011, Mariam’s  painting were displayed at Gezira Art Center from December  30-January 12.

In addition to Mariam, the panel discussion brought together Egyptian artists who spoke about the challenges they are facing in creating art spaces like Moataz Nasreldin, Visual Artist, Founder of Darb 1718 and Hamdy Reda, Visual Artist and Curator and Founder of Artellewa. Fulbright alumnus Khaled Hafez, MFA,  Freelance Visual Artist, spoke about his experience in Egypt and abroad and the difficulties of sustaining himself as an artist and how does funding organizations function.  Following the panel discussion,  the floor was opened to the audience for comments and questions that reflected further the needs and opportunities.  The discussion was organized and moderated by Fulbright Art alumni, Bassem Yousri, Visual Artist and Filmmaker and Haytham Nawar, Assistant Professor, Department of the Arts, American University in Cairo…..

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