U.S. Fulbright Students Reach Cairo

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A recent graduate of Columbia University has begun her research at Al Azhar University. She is Ms. Claire Ackerman. Ms. Ackerman earned her B.A degree in Middle Eastern Language and Culture from Columbia’s School of General Studies. Together with Dr. Gaafar Abdel Salam, a professor of International Law in Al Azhar’s Faculty of Islamic Law, she is conducting research on “Khul: using Egypt’s personal status law reform as a case study of present opportunities for implementation of Islamic law.” Mr. Musa Syeed has begun conducting research at the Cinema Institute. A graduate of New York University, Mr. Musa is conducting research on “Experimenting with Muslims Identity: A creative exchange via Egyptian avant garde filmmaking.” His faculty affiliate is Dr. Mona El Sabban, a professor at the Cinema Institute, Academy of Arts. Ms. Ackerman and Mr. Musa

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